A Business Advantage Program® for every need

Transamerica's Business Advantage Program® is specially designed to make your multi-life sales easy, with thoughtful business solutions to meet every employer's need in this under-served market.1 Three programs are available to meet differing needs:

Executive Advantage Program® – the Employer Pays All program for business owners, partners, board of directors, key executives or some other generally accepted defined class(es) of employees.

Corporate Advantage Program® – the Employer Pays Some program for employers who choose to pay for a core benefit of at least $50,000 total pool of money for all employees or some generally accepted defined class(es) of employees.

Employee Advantage Program® – the program for employers to make Long Term Care insurance available to employees on a voluntary basis with no employer contribution.

Each program includes premium discounts, possible underwriting concessions, customizable benefits, and availability for extended family members. An employer may even opt for a combination of programs.

Remind them about possible tax benefits2

In addition to helping employees and their families in case of a long term care need, a Long Term Care insurance benefit may also provide employers and/or employees with favorable tax advantages in certain situations.

1Employee Benefit Research Institute, April 2010
2Neither Transamerica Life Insurance Company nor any of its agents/producers give legal, tax, or accounting advice. Please consult your tax advisor for assistance.


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