You’re Not Too Small for Multi-Life

You’ve heard the phrase “less is more,” but when it comes to multi-life, no phrase is more appropriate.

You may think worksite cases are best kept to larger agencies, but in reality, keeping your eye on small businesses is not only manageable by a single agent, it can also bring “more.” More opportunities. More applications for equal effort. And more in commissions.

Start Small

The “think small” approach to multi-life extends to many aspects of the sales process. Small bites can lead to new clients without overwhelming your processes.

Don’t start with large corporations with multi-level lines of command; start with small, local offices with only one or two top executives. Decisions will be made faster, and you’ll have a more intimate knowledge of their business’ needs.

Prospects You Already Know

Getting started is easier than you think, if you think small. You already have relationships with organizations with ten or more employees. Chances are your doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, or architect have offices they share with colleagues. Perhaps your spouse works for a company that would like to extend benefits to their employees.

When you think of small businesses, it’s easy to stay within your own, local area. It’s another “less is more” concept that applies to multi-life.

Smaller Employer, Larger Commissions

Using the small-employer strategy, accumulated commissions can add up quickly. Here’s an example: a 10-employee executive carve out where seven spouses also apply equals 17 applications. If average individual premium is $2,000 per year, your annualized LTCi premium for that case is $34,000 (17 x $2,000).

If you added a similar case each quarter, your annualized LTCi premium would total $136,000 ($34,000 x 4).

We’re Here to Help

Our dedicated staff of multi-life experts is here to help with your cases, whether you’re enrolling 10 people, 100 people, or 1,000 people. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure a smooth enrollment.

We also equip you with on-demand tools and information.

  • The helpful multi-life website, that’s loaded with information
  • Effective marketing materials available for download and co-branding through our Agent Resource Center
  • Online status of submitted applications and commissions
  • TransQuote® – quote online or download the application to laptop or PC
  • TransQuote® Mobile – quote from your iPhone, iPad, and Android Electronic enrollment

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