Maximize enrollments the easy way

Once you have submitted your Service Group Request and received an Implementation Memo (see Implementing), it's easy to create a successful enrollment campaign.

In just three steps you can build your own marketing communication plan to make the most of your enrollment. Our concise Multi-Life Enrollment Communication Guide helps you lay out a marketing plan based on just a few stages, and tells you how to fit our customizable materials into each stage. You can reach individuals with timely messages to create interest, lead to informational interactions, and ultimately allow you or your representative to take applications.

Remember that a Long Term Care insurance enrollment can differ from other employee benefit enrollments. For Long Term Care insurance coverage, each participant must complete an application, whether it is a paper application, e-app, or electronic application. Even reduced underwriting offers (such as MGI, Simplified Issue, or Abbreviated Application) require applicant information and signatures.

Assistance in processing enrollments is available through our National Sales Desk for a small cost.


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